To provide the ice man technology solutions that are easy to use and make a real difference. We understand that the ice business is hard, very hard. Our solutions are purpose built, simple to use, make you more money and increase customer satisfaction.


iceQ was founded in 2011 by software and ice industry veterans to solve the problem of knowing which ice merchandisers to fill or fix.

Backed by John Nicholson, Ice Hall of Fame member with 40 plus years of innovation in the Packaged Ice business, iceQ was formed to address some of the ice man’s hardest challenges.

When To Go Technology™, our flagship and battle tested product, was the first solution we brought to the ice man. We have the most advanced, simple and cost effective remote monitoring fill or fix solution available. We tell you which freezer to fill and which to repair.

iceQ has over 7,000 units across the US and Canada and we continue to improve and perfect our solution.

Over the last year, iceQ has been busily working on a set of new products and solutions to help the ice man make more money and reduce the complexity of running an ice business. YOU NEED TO CHECK THEM OUT!


iceQ has not only helped me save trips on when to go refill the freezer, it has helped me maximize my profit.
— Iceq Customer

What We've Achieved

  • Most advanced technology IOT device on the market 5 years straight.

  • Highly scalable SAAS and simple.

  • Lowest total cost of ownership.