Know What You Have

Freezers at your warehouse

Organize your warehouse and your deployed Freezer base and gain control of one your most important assets.

The starting point to knowing what you have is to uniquely identify each and every freezer. Most assets like electronic equipment have a unique identifier already such as their serial number, but they don't always have an easily scannable barcode of the serial number. That is why asset QR Code labels exist. You can buy iceQ pre-printed branded QR Code labels. Once you've a method for identifying every freezer, then you're well on your way to knowing what you have.

Find Out Where, Who, and When

Locating freezers is a critical task for the ice man. All of you have a warehouse in your operation that has various freezer sizes in various states - “New”, “Good”, “Destroyed”, “Need Refurbishment” or “Currently In Refurbishment.”

With iceQ’s specialized asset tracking software you can look on your mobile phone or computer to quickly find out where each asset is located and see who placed it and when. Furthermore, if an item has been checked out or reserved for a period of time, you can find out when it will be returned, shipped back or made available again.

Freezer Condition at your warehouse over time

Measure the effectiveness of your freezer warehouse operation - are you getting better? are you depleting you new stock? how many freezers are you refurbishing?

Tag items with asset labels

Our QR code asset tags are engineered specifically to withstand the harsh cold environment of a freezer. Say good bye to manual tracking and enter the 21st century with iceQ.


Make use of actionable insights

Analyze reports to reduce costs and increase your productivity. Availability assessments help identify which items are a bottleneck to increasing efficiency.


better operational workflows

Improve your equipment inventory picture by streamlining workflows. Know what’s needed, by whom, and when it’s due back.

Freezer Disposition In the field

Know Exactly What You Have at all times and what condition those freezers are in - at your warehouse(s) and in the field.